About Julie Glassmoyer, CR - Reflexologist

I was certified by the International Institute of Reflexology in 2006. Early on, each session followed a similar pattern of working through the reflexes to address the glands, organs and systems of the body. Over the years, reflexology sessions that I offer have become more individualized. For all of us, life and wellness is a growth process.

Personally, I am a person who NEEDS daily excercise in nature. That has been a constant in life. As a child in TX, I had a horse--we explored styles of movement and communication through the years. I do not know that I could have survived living in TX without my horse. Then, on to WA to raise my children with greater access to the natural world (before Seattle got so big). During those years, I regularly ran in the woods near our home. Once having relocated to NM, I originally lived in the San Pedro Mountains..off-grid. I loved living within the forest, but life was calling me toward Santa Fe. I am so happy now in Santa fe: biking, hiking, dancing, and engaging with so many good people and interesting events. I am very grateful that my reflexology practice is now established, and I can call beautiful Santa Fe my home. 

As I experience the inevitable challenges of living life, I believe spending time in nature, engaging in things I enjoy, meaningfully connecting with others, receiving periodic wellness support, and continually learning are all essential to my own wellbeing. I believe I can do my best work with clients by taking care of myself in this way, and I consider the deep work of a reflexology session as opportunity for clients to get more in touch with what fortifies them.

There is that defining one as a "work to live" or "live to work" type. I fall in the middle. I say that in that the work I do is who I am. Each session is an exploration in presence, awareness and acceptance..so that life continues to unfold and flow, aligning with the laws of nature.


I have listed relevant trainings and certifications below. Each has deepened my capacity to successfully practice reflexology.

International Institute of Reflexology, Ingham Method--Certified  Reflexologist (CR) 

The Ingham/American Method of reflexology is a rather precise yet gentle means of communicating with the body. Techniques are applied with the aim of both relaxing and stimulating your system. Much information can be revealed and exchanged through the feet that relates to your body, your feelings, and your life. This personalized approach to care can assist you in meeting and updating old patterns that are no longer helpful, and may be hindering your well being. 

Hendricks Institute--Certified Vibrance Coach

The Hendricks have written numerous books on conscious living. Conscious living is about living a life of congruence/authenticity, choice, vibrancy. As appropriate, I incorporate vibrance coaching into a reflexology session to empower your capacity to recognize and integrate/release patterns that are evident in your feet/body/life.

ARC BodySpeak--Study

ARC, A Return to Concsciousness, is (in essence) about listening to the body as a holding place of information; connecting there to gain fullness of self, wisdom and healing. Allowing attention to follow sensation, to move into rather than away from messages/symptoms of the body can help you to find your way. Often, what seems to be something "wrong" is simply an outdated mode of managing life's challenges. ARC is a means of engaging with the body to understand what is waiting to be known and experienced for your benefit.

SMART Method Ayurvedic Reflexology--Study

This was an interesting addition to my traditional reflexology training. Through this study, I become more aware of the energetics of reflexology, and learned specific techniques for supporting the movement of energetic flow throughout the body.

Navigation/Awareness/Presence by Lawrence Conlan--Study

This was more a personal than directly professional work for me, but directly strengthens my capacity to work with clients.  Lawrence's work is about being PRESENT with self, and thereby more able to be present with another. I believe a lot of what helps us to heal is feeling enough safety to allow needed changes to happen. Some studies show that it is the quality of client/practitioner connection that best predicts success in working together, no matter what the modality. My aim with each client is to be fully present so that I may best understand how to support the healing and growth the client wants to prioritize duiring our time together.

Continuum Movement--Study

Continuum Movement (CM) feels good! Developed by Emilie Conrad, CM is a process of using sound, attention and movement to dive deeply into ourselves. CM allows us to actively maintain our fluidity, and allow that fluidity to serve as a guide to an even greater sense of ease and peace. As we dive deeply into the tissues using sound and movement, our system responds by relaxing, opening, revealing, and creating. With CM, we move from a world of rigidity/routine to one of fluidity/creativity. CM is a personal practice that helps me to engage with clients at this level of vast potential for healing. 

Sourcepoint Therapy--2013 Completion of all Modules..to present, advanced continuing ed

Sourcepoint Therapy was developed by Bob Schrei & Donna Thomson, who live in Santa Fe. I employ Sourcepoint to intentionally root your reflexology session in the order, balance, harmony and flow of optimal health. The support of Souircepoint  (working with the blueprint of human health) tends to expedite and enhance what we can achieve within your reflexology session.


I have become certified in mediation so that I may contribute within my community as a volunteer. A desire to bridge polarity and bring more peace inspired me to pursue this skill, yet I recognize how similar the process of mediation is to that of healing. Each is about listening, engaging/adjusting and moving forward. I feel this training fortifies my ability to engage verbally and nonverbally in wellness work.