Reflexology can serve as a means to relax, relieve and restore your well being. The theory behind reflexology is that all the glands, organs and systems are mirrored (and accessible) in the feet (hands and ears). Reflexology is a holistic practice that does not diagnose or treat for any specific condition. The aim of reflexology is to  promote healing through an exchange of information. It is similar to how when you see yourself in the mirror before heading out into the world, you may make some adjustments to best meet the day. Wellness is a process of continual internal shifts to sustain the order, balance, harmony and flow of health amid ever-changing circumstances.

You will likely experience reflexology as a deep relaxation. In this state, your nervous system tends to shift energy from the outside world to inner healing tasks. Reflexology essentially offers a viewpoint, prompting your nervous system to notice areas of the body that are tight, offline, upset and also referencing areas that are fluidly at ease. This referencing of current state is something the body will start working with during your session to achieve a higher state of internal order, balance, harmony and flow. Most first-timers to reflexology are amazed to realize the undeniable connectivity that can be felt within our being. Whether through reflexology or other modalities and activities, it is essential that the body regularly turn away from external concerns and dwell in this restorative state if one is to sustain optimal well being. Each reflexology session can help to fortify that cycle of restoration and healing.

The feet are a powerful point of information exchange yet most of us do not use our feet as nature intended. We walk on flat surfaces and typically confine our feet in shoes. This does not promote range of motion, energetic grounding and sensory stimulation as would be the case were we to walk barefoot amid variable terrain regularly. Reflexology essentially helps to bring the feet back in tune with their natural function as a core component of wellness, informing our overall vitality.

And all that being said, I find there are some people I am not able to assist significantly. And yet I have also worked with clients who could not find relief with podiatrists or other providers (for backache, anxiety, etc), whereas they have found relief through visit/s to Santa Fe Reflexology. So evidently, there is not one best modality, provider or time to receive assistance. I believe a big key to achieving health you seek is knowing how to listen to your body to best guide you. In fact, it is that mind-body fluency that I strive to share with those who seek mastery of it. Reflexology is the doorway I use to connect; there are several points of focus I encourage clients to use for themselves to actively engage in the healing process.

Sore feet are usually are an indication that both the feet and the body need attention. Sometimes the feet do NOT hurt, yet may nonetheless serve as an intervention point for needs elsewhere in the body/being. Reflexology may support your wellness either as stand-alone wellness care or as a compliment to traditional medical care.