Working for the Weekend-Santa Fe Reflexology

Working for the Weekend-Santa Fe Reflexology

Scheduling Reflexology

I am hearing that old song in my head.."Everybody's working for the weekend!"  My own work schedule tends to ignore weekends and holidays. I essentially work when clients want to receive reflexology, as long as we can merge our calendars! And, that typically entails planning ahead.

I really encourage you to schedule your reflexology session at a time that you do not HAVE to do anything afterward. A session is about connecting deeply inside rather than having your life force energy follow what is going on all around you. Afterwards, it is nice to sustain that more self-aware state to extend the benefit of your reflexology session.

Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

So while I do prefer working weekdays, I welcome clients to schedule on the weekend if that is what will allow for some breathing room. And during the work week, the more one can build some deep relaxation into the schedule, the less need to decompress on weekends. Whatever helps you relax and feel at ease is well worth weaving into each day. Life is a precious gift, isn't it? I wish you joy in each day!


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