What is Chinese Foot Massage?

What is Chinese Foot Massage?

I Received a Chinese Foot Massage

I recently visited family in Dallas and experienced a "Chinese Foot Massage". It felt great. After the session, I asked (through an interpreter) what the practitioner noticed about me during my session. She said she did not notice anything. I came to realize that the difference between this session and what I offer to clients has to do with the work being standardized versus custom, and practitioner disconnected versus connected to the process.

Personalized Care Provided @ Santa Fe Reflexology, llc

Our feet are such a powerful place to observe the body and supply the benefits of stress relief and targeted attention. Our feet can serve as a wellness tool whether we have a custom session, a "standardized" session, or walk a reflexology pathway. At Santa Fe Reflexology, I track what your body is revealing through your feet. What specific areas are holding the most tension? What areas are needing focused support? And, is it helpful to discuss findings with you, to engage you in the mind-body loop of awareness? You are welcome to schedule with Santa Fe Reflexology to learn more.

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