Time to Feel Better

Time to Feel Better

Bringing Order to Life

Today I have been tying-up a lot of loose ends. With the support of Discount Tire, I scheduled to replace prematurely faulty tires so I can alleviate concern of having a blow-out on the highway. I also got my new banking services in working order, so I am now free to do business with a bank that operates in alignment with my personal values. And thankfully, a friend and I were able to spend an hour on the phone arriving at a greater understanding of one another. This is something that needed to happen for our friendship to continue growing. I'm so glad time opened up for me to address each of these matters today.

Finding Time

Having safety in life, living in alignment with our values, and attending to relationship needs have likely always been important for achieving well being. Tasks such as those I worked-through today can usually be dealt with "as time allows", but sometimes I must "make" time.


That often seems to be the case when we are in need of healing. Time (and sometimes money, willingness, interest...) are resources we may need to make change happen. We also may need direction, and that can take some effort to discern. Is a health challenge simply asking us to slow down, make more space in life? Are we carrying too many loose ends around? Do we need outside healing support...what, with whom? Do we need to change our diet, sleep, thinking, excercize... choices? Well, we might begin by simply noticing what feels "off". Are we still breathing as we notice it? What thoughts and feelings are coming with that? What has changed in these brief moments of noticing and wondering about it? I find that healing is to a large degree about noticing and responding...noticing and responding.

Santa Fe Reflexology, llc

So simply asking these questions can help to get you started. Take your time; make the time for yourself. And as we have all experienced in so many ways, the first steps set it all in motion. Working through the feet to support well being is a centuries-old practice across humanity, and I invite you to schedule with Santa Fe Reflexology to experience how it may help you to engage the healing process.







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