Taking a Pause to Heal

Taking a Pause to Heal

Nutrition & My Immune System

Recently, I became ill. And, it lasted a while. I consider my lifestyle healthy, so I have to wonder…how did my immune system become weakened? First, I looked more closely at my lifestyle. I get daily exercise; I am happy; I regularly receive and practice stress reduction care; I eat well…ah, except there are the sweets. 

“Sweets” for me has mainly meant chocolate. I’ve known the quantity I liked to eat likely wasn’t in favor of my well being, but I have been so healthy that I could never convince myself to remove sweets completely or even permanently cut back. Now, I think I just may feel motivated.

There is nothing like being sick to help us take stock. I have been basically out of circulation for over two weeks, except for walking my puppy which was unavoidable! I am realizing that my body is giving me an important message: my immune system is weakened. I need to listen NOW.

Health As Motivation for Positive Choices

Any of us can encounter a similar scenario. A place in time when we have to face the music. What changes might be needed, what support received to boost your health? Whether we respond after suffering a major health crisis or are motivated to act proactively to avoid one, we are the master of our own destiny.

Santa Fe Reflexology

Reflexology is a fairly straight-forward “go to” no matter what your health issue for several reasons. First and foremost, reflexology can reliable calm your nervous system and relieve stress. Virtually every aspect of health and healing will benefit from stress reduction. Also, it is a comforting act of self care to schedule a reflexology appointment for yourself. And, it only takes an hour or so out of your day. Reflexology is like no other modality that I have experienced. It can benefit you as a response to a current discomfort or as an aspect of your regular health maintenance.

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