Santa Fe Reflexology visits Christus St. Vincent Hospital

Santa Fe Reflexology visits Christus St. Vincent Hospital



Santa Fe Reflexology Located @ Serena Plaza

I typically provide individual client sessions from my Serena Plaza Office location located near the hospital . Sometimes though, I work "off site". Periodically a client will contract me for a house call. This may be to provide care for one individual or to provide sessions for several people. Another example of why I might provide care away from the office is  outreach. Outreach is opportunity to spread awareness of reflexology in general, and my capacity to provide assistance specifically. In the lower portion of the HOME page you can locate the OUTREACH tab announcing such off-site activity: wellness fairs, volunteering, events and presentations shared throughout Santa Fe by Santa Fe Reflexology.

If you are planning an event and want to invite Santa Fe Reflexology to participate, call  505-414-8140 or email, and we can make it happen.


I was recently contacted by the hospital for a special event being held to support staff there. So Santa Fe Reflexology will provide mini-sessions for staff at the Christus St. Vincent's Spa For the Soul event to be held on Friday 10/21/16. Santa Fe Reflexology is participating from 10am-noon.  Recipients of the reflexology mini-sessions will have opportunity to take a load off their feet, feel relaxation throughout the body, and receive some insight as to the benefits of reflexology. 

Reveiving Reflexology Conveys Benefit 

I am very happy to be sharing reflexology with the hospital staff. I feel anyone on their feet a lot in a fast-paced environment can benefit from the relaxation reflexology can invite. And I always especially enjoy giving someone a first reflexology session, even if only a mini-session. Likely for some, this will be their first reflexology session! The full-body effects of reflexology are something that often needs to be experienced personally to fully appreciate. Once anyone has experienced a modality such as reflexology, the body essentially has it as a part of the "tool kit". Like the other tools we rely upon in life, when we need that tool again, we realize it!

Personalized Care at Santa Fe Reflexology

I of course welcome those who feel the power of reflexology is helpful in a mini session to schedule and receive the greater benefit of a full reflexology session. The blog section of this web site covers many topics pertaining to reflexology, and I am also available to answer any specific questions regarding how reflexology might specifically help you.

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