Santa Fe Reflexology Updates Web Site

Santa Fe Reflexology Updates Web Site

Ah, this has been a long task to update the Santa Fe Reflexology web site. I want to thank Scanlan & Associates for the great attention to detail and superior responsiveness. I am grateful to now have a "responsive" and fast web site. These qualities make my web site more user friendly and easier to spot. A lot of clients find me via the web, so this web site is truly an aspect of me being able to provide assistance. 

Healing & Transformation

This transformation of my web site has been a bit like the healing process. When it is time for change, a problem/symptom arrives to make the announcement. And, as we can be attentive and present with the process, positive change happens. It can take some time. Outside help and support may be needed to move forward in the process of transformation. And, we feel so good once the transition has been accomplished!

I'm feeling good.



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