Santa Fe Reflexology: The Unfolding Awareness of Healing

Santa Fe Reflexology: The Unfolding Awareness of Healing

Awareness & Healing

I have been providing reflexology sessions for over 10 years, and I still find each session to be a unique experience. I often wonder if it is important for clients to consciously gain the perspective a session can offer, or if healing is as beneficial from a subconscious perspective. It is most typical for clients to become very relaxed, and often to enter a unique state of consciousness that lies somewhere between awake and asleep. It seems that as the work of reflexology calms the nervous system to the point that the entire being can relax and unfold. This unwinding can reveal perspective that may go unnoticed in a more constricted/stressed state. The transition from constriction to relaxation that can be accessed within a reflexology session may be both healing and informative, at the conscious and subconscious level.

I view healing and perspective as one and the same. The state of our being at any moment influences our experience just as our experiences affect our being. The transition toward relaxation that can be facilitated by a reflexology session reminds your entire being of what it is to be at peace. And I believe that the more you can notice changes in your body as you are receiving a session, the greater opportunity you have to use this degree of awareness to maintain well being in daily life. It is so valuable to notice when your body is constricting...when breathing is being modulated along with this constriction. Being attuned to breath and body can help you to maintain calm.

Unfolding Awareness with Reflexology

A reflexology session is opportunity for your body to re-establish this pathway to relaxation. Your reflexology sesison can serve as practice for you to regain connection with yourself. As we leverage awareness of these changes in the body and breathing to notice how we are feeling and dealing with life experiences, we can gain capacity for authenticity. Our being gives us clues when we are veering off of our optimal course in life.

I venture to say everyone enters a session carrying one or more patterns in the body; patterns of behavior. These patterns influence how we engage in life, and even how we see life. Bringing a greater range of flexibility to the feet helps these patterns to loosen their grip on us. We still have the patterns as a choice when that is in our best service, but noticing body and breath can help to keep us from being unnecessarily caught in them. 

Your Healing Session at Santa Fe Reflexology

My great desire in working with clients is to help them learn to recognize what patterns are operating and how that may be contributing to their complaint or discomfort. The perspective reflexology can offer, and the practice a session can provide to you is notable. And yet, at times a client may simply need comfort and support to reach a more aware stage of healing. Each one-hour session at Santa Fe Reflexology may run up to 1.5 hours so that we are assured the time needed to clarify your health needs, and how I may best support you.


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