Santa Fe Reflexology: Spinal Health/Deborah Newberg

Santa Fe Reflexology: Spinal Health/Deborah Newberg

Health Equals Happiness

After having gone the traditional business degree route, I am happily settled into more meaningful work as a wellness practitioner. It is just so clear to me that it is easiest to get the most out of life when we feel our best.

Deborah Newberg

There are many obvious wellness practices such as hiking, biking, dancing...but what about belly dancing? Deborah Newberg is a belly dancing professional who teaches at several Santa Fe venues. Paradiso sponsors a by-donation Thursday noon-1PM class that I have recently discovered. I had received emails from Deborah announcing performances and classes around town; I knew several people that enjoy exploring this art; and had always thought I might check it out sometime. 

My first class was at the GARAGE near Tune-up Cafe. Deborah infrequently holds intro classes there. I was amazed, and I continue to be amazed.

I do a lot to sustain and grow my well being. It is rare to discover a whole new frontier, but belly dancing with Deborah has been that for me. Like our feet, we can lose conscious connection to our spine. Also like the feet, our spines can become a source of discomfort and dysfunction if the disconnect lasts for too long. I was not even having back pain, but can access so much more connection and coordination along my spine since having regularly attended Deborah's classes at Paradiso.

This particular class is geared toward wellness as much as dance. Each class is comprised of warm-up, stretches and gentle, flowing movements. I believe that as I progress in connecting and coordinating my spinal movements, the joy of dance will take hold...and I will take the next step with Deborah in a more advanced class.

Santa Fe Reflexology

And that is the point: when we improve our health through connection and coordination within our being, more possibilities become available to us to enjoy life! So whether a reflexology session or a belly dance classes, you are surrounded by opportunities to support your well being and enjoy life to the fullest here in Santa Fe!



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