Santa Fe Reflexology: Specializing in Reflexology

Santa Fe Reflexology: Specializing in Reflexology

Specializing in Reflexology

I am so happy that more and more people are coming to realize the benefits of reflexology. When I started back in 2005, I chose to specialize in reflexology because of the way it made me feel. Simply receiving mini sessions from beginners at my first reflexology workshop let me know this was a powerfully relaxing modality. Through the years, I have come to realize that a deeply relaxed state is the sweet spot for generating reorganization and repair within the system. 

Santa Fe Reflexology

I consider reflexology to be excellent as a stand-alone care choice, and also as a compliment to so many wellness interventions. Many clients seek care to assist with general relaxation support and skills development, to offer fortification during a major personal transition that might also include counseling with a therapist, to receive recovery support related to surgery and chemotherapy. There are also those with chronic conditions who may find resolution or ongoing support through reflexology. You might wonder, how can one modality be helpful in such a broad range of circumstances?

I believe reflexology is so broadly applicable because it is about tuning into the wisdom of the body, which is the holding place of your vitality and healing in all these circumstances. The tone of a session models how you might carry forward in life from a difficult moment: noticing, acknowledging and responding with the flexibility and creativity that is your life force. 

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