Santa Fe Reflexology: Pre & Post-Surgery

Santa Fe Reflexology: Pre & Post-Surgery

Recovering from Surgery

Have you suffered a significant injury that is requiring surgery? If so, reflexology might be a great pre and post-operative support.

I have heard of reflexology serving in this way, yet have had only a handful of clients through the years come to me as a support for healing in relation to surgical procedures. Today, while working with one such client, it dawned on me why reflexology can be so helpful in this circumstance.

Santa Fe Reflexology for Surgical Support

I perceive through the feet that surgery disrupts what was (the problem or dysfunction), and the system seems very open to reorganizing following surgery. In fact, it must respond in some manner to the intervention of surgery. Reflexology can reflect the current status to support orientation and healing. Reflexology can also help to keep tissues and lymphatics moving both pre and post-surgery. Like nutrients arriving to all parts of the tree through its roots, we can work through the feet upward into the body to offer healing support.

In essence, post-surgery feels like a "teachable moment" within the system. It is an excellent time to receive a reflexology session, unless for some reason contra-indicated by your doctor.

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