Santa Fe Reflexology for Peace

Santa Fe Reflexology for Peace

Encountering Discomfort

Years ago, my daughter and I visited Sedona. While it was beautiful, we felt it over-priced and a bit over-commercialized. I am not saying it was, just that we felt it that way. I recall going into the tourist information booth to learn how to best enjoy our visit, realizing I needed some help to get the best out of this trip. The guide there told us about Jerome, AZ. Jerome is a walkable town with many little shops; we decided to enjoy the thirty-minute drive through the beautiful countryside to check it out. Sedona got us to Jerome, and it was perfect! The peace sign illustrating this article hung on a wall in Jerome. It caught my eye, and I have somehow kept this picture for years. OOPS..that picture will not load into this article, so I found another way to represent it here. The image you see above conveys the benefit of flexible responsiveness to the realities of life!

When there is a disruption, we have choice about how to respond. We may ignore it, we may resist it, we may hate it...or we may embrace it. Embracing it requires flexibility. Embracing it is a creative process that helps us to essentially move along our intended pathway. Embracing it often requires personal growth; life force likes growth!

Growth & Healing

This PATTERN  of discomfort, acknowledgement, discovery and resolve seems to be a true life process: growth. Are growth and healing interchangeable terms? Is discomfort always a doorway to healing/growth at some level?

Individually & Collectively

Following the 2016 elections, I got sick with a cold. My immune system was apparently weakened as I watch the election returns in disbelief. For me, it was a reality check into the discomfort that so many have experienced as true in their lives. I must've been in disconnect without knowing it! To actually see this was a shock to my system. I am grateful to have gotten sick, which invited me to take pause, providing space to reflect upon our world and my place in it.

Santa Fe Reflexology

I want to embrace what is evident. I want to be responsive in a way that continues along the pathway of greater peace and harmony, within myself, others...the world. I have come to see virtually all of life's challenges as a healing opportunity. Difficulty may be essential to growth, a way of honing peace over the long term. Difficulty seems to be a true characteristic of life and creative forces. All of creation can be perceived as fractal, the small and large scale/time mirroring one another.The pattern of disharmony as a doorway to growth that leads again to peace seems to be a fractal truth. And that at last brings us to the opportunity of reflexology..feet as a microcosm for your body/being. Your feet really are an important junction..of nerve endings, of connection with the earth, and carrying you (literally) along your path in life. May we all continue to find our way toward greater peace.

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