Santa Fe Reflexology: Morning Routines

Santa Fe Reflexology: Morning Routines

Sourcepoint Therapy

Most days, for me, begin similarly. I am one who is a bit slow to rise, so have been using that time to start each day with a Sourcepoint Therapy meditation before I even get out of bed. I have been doing this for about a year now, and recognizing many positive results.

Sourcepoint Therapy is a modality that makes for excellent self care. Since integrating it into my own morning routine similar to how I integrate it into reflexology sessions, my life IS exhibiting more of the order, balance, harmony and flow that I desire.

We all have a morning routine..we get up, get dressed, brush teeth, and eat breakfast..most likely. What can you add that will really get you off to a good start mentally, physically and spiritually? What are you needing, and what practice may be a resource for achieving it?

Santa Fe Reflexology

Santa Fe Reflexology is a place to go deep into yourself, and possibly get more clear about the daily experiences that are depleting you. Symptoms of discomfort can shed a light on that as well as spur insight to know what will serve you better. Each day is a new beginning!

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