Santa Fe Reflexology: Awakening

Santa Fe Reflexology: Awakening


In this moment, I am pondering AWAKENING. The word means to go from being asleep to being awake, and it also refers to our state of awareness. I find the mornings when I am awakening are an excellent opportunity to notice my own awareness. I often come from sleep with remnants of dreams still affecting me, my body even reflecting patterns that are observably connected to shifting states of awareness. I have arranged life so that I can awaken slowly each day, and observe the facets of awareness unfolding. Today, I awakened particularly late. In the past, I'd have felt guilty about that. Not today.


I have read many times that scientists are discovering the many benefits of sleep. Sleep is not something to sacrifice on a regular basis. It is not a useless passtime. It is in fact restorative on so many levels. I am particularly interested in leveraging the benefits of sleep to maintain emotional balance and conscious clarity...along with a healthy body.


Each morning, I do a SourcePoint meditation before arising. I let my body unwind the thoughts and feelings that are circulating so that I begin the day with a more clean and clear perspective. I cannot imagine how different life might feel if I had to jump out of bed without giving myself this restorative gift each day. I experience this transition time between being asleep and being awake as opportunity to access meaningful integration and well being.

Santa Fe Reflexology

Similarly, a reflexology session prompts you to experience slowing down, becoming aware, integrating, and experiencing restoration. If you do not yet have a daily practice for integrative restoration, a wellness session may well serve as an initial step in developing that habit for yourself. 


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