Santa Fe Reflexology 2018

Santa Fe Reflexology 2018

I have just made some updates to this site, they are in fact still in process. I am realizing this is my first blog for 2018. When I started practicing in Santa Fe, I had more time for this. But as is true with about everyone, I have been busy.

For me, this is a year of growing a more regular meditation practice. I find this is leading me to more regularly be in the observer position in daily life. I feel I can see more clearly and choose more wisely. Life is good..

And yet, I miss the trails being open. I wish for rain to nourish the forest.

These are musings. It is a healthy practice to allow ourselves some down time, for the mind and body to relax, for feelings to surface, to feel peace within. Yes, let's welcome peace and wellness into life. That is often what a reflexology session is all about!

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