Reflexology & SourcePoint Therapy

Reflexology & SourcePoint Therapy

SourcePoint Therapy

SourcePoint Therapy is a study I have pursued since arriving in Santa Fe. This work clearly addresses the qualities of our nature that create health. SourcePoint is a means of anchoring the order, balance harmony and flow that is the essence of our nature. I open/close each reflexology session by acknowledging these four off-the-body points because the benefits are clearly evident.

Santa Fe Reflexology

The connection provided by Sourcepoint Therapy supports us in more readily getting to the core of our work together during your session. And, the tendency to back slide once you re-engage amid daily life is less likely to occur.


The reflexology work has also clearly come to be about the same essential aspects of well being. The feet readily reveal areas of disorder, imbalance, disharmony and obstructed flow if these hinderances exist. Reflexology combined with SourcePoint can be such an effective tool for regaining the vitality of health. 

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