Reflexology & Restless Leg Syndrome

Reflexology & Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg & Reflexology

Several clients have arrived to my office to see if reflexology can help to relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Suffers know, restless leg can be worse when laying down or relaxed. A reflexology session will present you with both of those conditions. I have, in fact, found providing a session to be as activating as relieving for clients with restless leg. In the ten years I have practiced, I have had very few with restless leg come in for a session, so it has actually taken me this long to arrive at this conclusion: I do not believe my work is the best assistance if you are experiencing restless leg.


Staying Positive

I will say, though, that any number of conditions we may experience can go as they came. I have found that overall well-being is a cure for so many conditions. I have compassion for anyone suffering with restless leg, and wish you the inspiration to maximize your well being so that you may enjoy each day to the fullest.


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