Reflexology & Post Operative Healing

Reflexology & Post Operative Healing

Post Operative Care

It is miraculous that following surgery, the body heals itself. During that time of healing, you may experience lethargy and soreness. You want to take it easy. This state of rest can hold space for repair. After you have "healed", is there any part of your body caught in the more limited state of healing? How can you support your body in moving to the next level?

Santa Fe Reflexology

Reflexology may be a valuable assistance in healing more fully. Reflexology is a self-reflective modality. It is like giving your entire system a change to "look in the mirror" and see what needs readjustment. Following surgery, reflexology can be helpful in many ways.

Regaining Health

Scar tissue, even internal scar tissue, is one residue of healing you may experience. Further, you might sense a lingering limitation or compensation amid your general range of motion. Do you feel that the fullness of your vitality has returned? If not, it may be because of lingering adjustments the body needed to make during the healing process. Some aspects of healing can go on "auto pilot" and remain even after primary healing has taken place.

Reflexology can help the body to get lymphatic fluids moving, releasing toxins that have accumulated. Toxins may have collected withn sluggish lymphatics due to inactivity, a heavier load of chemicals from pharmacuticals administered during your surgical treatment and recovery, or possibly scar tissue is hindering the natural flow of this cleansing system.

When one faces surgery, there is often some sense of alarm accompanying it. Relexology is especially known for its ability to help you to relax and rejuvenate. Often during a session, clients will come to feel emotions they have been carrying in the body. This is a relief to the system.




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