Reflexology & Massage

Reflexology & Massage


Care Expectations

Reflexology is often referred to as a “foot massage”, yet true reflexology is not the same as a foot massage. Both massage and reflexology are usually received as you recline on a massage table, yet each is a distinctive healing modality.


Have you received a massage? To receive a massage, you typically disrobe so that you may receive a full-body treatment. There are various types of massage, but each tends to be aimed at direct contact with tissue being addressed. The penetrating touch of a deep tissue massage is possibly the most intense, and even that tends to be relaxing overall.


Reflexology is a treatment to the feet (possibly hands), yet it is about the entire being. To receive reflexology, you only remove your shoes and socks. Reflex points along the mid calf down to the feet are a means of  communicating with the nervous system to affect all glands, organs and systems of the body. Your feet may feel tender where there is congestion, but I do not believe it is of benefit for reflexology to be painful. In helping your nervous system settle into the parasympathetic state, reflexology can essentially transport you to an altered state that is akin to wakeful sleeping. Reflexology can invite significant relaxation and stress reduction.

Health Insurance

Massage tends to be covered by insurance whereas reflexology does not. This is primarily because reflexology is not yet a government-regulated profession. Your tax accountant may be able to advise you that reflexology is an out-of-pocket medical expense you can claim for tax purposes. Even if an out-of-pocket non-deductible expense, you may find reflexology to be a worthwhile investment in your health. If your feet hurt, that is a very good indication that reflexology can serve as a doorway to healing more of what ails you.

Reflexology at Massage Appointment

Receiving a reflexology treatment as a part of your massage may be a very different experience than an actual reflexology session. You might know best to compare these two uniquely beneficial modalities to learn which is the best fit for your wellness needs.

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