Reflexology Inspires FLOW

Reflexology Inspires FLOW


Flow is about movement, fluidity. A stream of water flows. We also have aspects of our nature wthat experience flow, or not. 

Got Flow?

Just as a river’s flow can be obstructed, our natural flow can be hindered. Do we get caught in a pattern of thinking, or even locked onto one thought? Is there a limitation to the physical range of motion? Do we feel much of life is experienced within a narrow emotional tone? Each of these circumstances indicates a limit to flow, and can grow create discomfort. Yet if we instead have healthy flow in all of our being, we tend to experience joy, confidence and a sense of achievement in life.

Santa Fe Reflexology

An experienced reflexologist can both notice and prompt flow within the being by working at the feet. Following your session with Santa Fe Reflexology, you are likely to feel the benefits of increased flow.


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