Reflexology for Harmony, for Health

Reflexology for Harmony, for Health


Feeling Out of Balance

When reflexing your feet, I am seeking to connect with any areas that are out of cadence with the whole. At the same time, your system is being directed to notice these same areas of congestion and immobility. Your nervous system may in turn become reactive as a means of maintaining the status quo. There are reflex techniques for calming this reactivity, creating enough sense of safety and calm that beneficial shifts can occur. 

Being In Harmony

Internal shifts are not so different from shifting gears of a manual transition automobile. There are indications letting you know when it is time to shift gears (discomfort), and doing so makes for a smooth ride (health). 

Santa Fe Reflexology, llc

In a similar way, your reflexology session can help you to achieve the harmony of health. The impact of your reflexology session can be seen/felt in your feet and throughout your life.

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