Is Reflexology Covered by Insurance

Is Reflexology Covered by Insurance

Do You Take Insurance?

This is a question I am often asked. There are only two instances in my decade of providing reflexology sessions that I have known the answer to be "yes", and each was as a reimbursement for out-of-pocket expense. If you have an avenue for reimbursement, I am happy to provide you with a recelipt for care. If not, you may find reflexology is a good investment of your time and money nonetheless.


Examples of Insurance Reimbursement for Reflexology

I will describe the two examples, and maybe you will see an angle available for you to gain reimbursement given your own circumstances. One was a third-party liability coverage that reimbursed for reflexology with a doctor's referral to receive care at Santa Fe Reflexology. Another was with a Health Savings Account. I am not sure that those exist any longer, but there may be a similar instrument to achieve reimbursement these days. It never hurts to ask your health insurance provider.


Private Payment for Reflexology

So, why is reflexology not a covered expense? First let me say, maybe it just has not happened yet. Possibly it will one day. There are so many effective holistic healing opportunities that are not yet covered by insurance, and Santa Fe houses so many. For years, I have relied on holistic care for myself and my children. It has been money well spent.


Why Schedule with Santa Fe Reflexology

At this time, a 1-hour session at Santa Fe Reflexology will cost you $80. This is a good bit less than your typical "covered" visit to a practitioner. For that price, you receive personalized attention in a relaxed setting. Your first session will most assuredly deliver a noticable degree of relaxation, insight and relief. Many new clients discover that one visit meets their needs, and others find that more sessions may be desired or needed. Phone consultations are free of charge, so feel free to call to better understand if Santa Fe Reflexology is a fit for you.

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