Reflexology Can Help with Physical Pain

Reflexology Can Help with Physical Pain

Feeling Well Makes Life More Enjoyable

Our bodies carry us through every single experience of life. And when a body feels well, life experience tends to be more enjoyable. And yet, so much can be gained from physical hardships...even injuries...that we may encounter. Often, the personal evolution that arises in overcoming or reaching acceptance of a body-based crisis can be life-transforming, and I expect that is an integral part of the design.

Santa Fe Reflexology Can Help When You Are in Pain

When it is evident in a reflexology session that your body is holding a pattern, it is important to realize the pattern was initially established with your best interest as motivation. Our bodies tend to open us toward what is creative and often find means of dissuading us away from what is destructive. These feelings and sensations can provide clues for living a life of relevance and prompt us to recognize when it is time for a change. Reflexology can assist in these times of change.

Your Body Can Both Influence & Reflect Your Life Experience

We are indistinguishable from our bodies. Our bodies can both influence and reflect the choices that we make in life. I view the body as a vehicle, a guardian, a teacher. These qualities are not independent, but unified characteristics of the body from a holistic perspective. Increasing our participation in the mind-body loop of awareness helps us to care for ourselves, and to live well.

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