Reflexology for Brain & Body

Reflexology for Brain & Body


Physical Movement Can Promote Brain Health

I have an ongoing interested in learning more about brain health. I recently rented a DVD from the Santa Fe library on the topic. I learned that brain science is revealing that unique movement of the body supports brain plasticity similarly to learning a new language. For me, it is much more enjoyable and easy to explore new and creative movements to stimulate brain plasticity.

Santa Fe Reflexology Can Help with Physical Mobility

During a reflexoloyg session, specific touch and movement of the feet can help your system recognize where it is self-limiting, which in turn can help to open possibilities for movement. Are you aware of limited movement in your feet and body? Have you experienced physical injury due to inelasticity within your system? A reflexology session may help you to heal and regain your potential, good for body and brain. 

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