Pedestrian Lifestyle with Santa Fe Reflexology

Pedestrian Lifestyle with Santa Fe Reflexology

Pedestrian Lifestyle in Santa Fe

I am fairly new to Santa Fe. I'd always hoped to experience a "pedestrian lifestyle", and here I can. Santa Fe has many trails, bike lanes and wide sidewalks for safe travel. The ride between the rail yard, the plaza and my office is a breeze, and that vicinity comprises the scope of my in-town transportation needs. I feel good to be getting exercise, respecting nature, and connecting with people here as I bike and walk my way around town.

Ease & Safety

Before I embarked on my human-powered locomotion, I asked around regarding ease and safety. I was given advice to stay off the main roads, the big intersections. For the most part, I have. I have also over time acquired several accessories for my bike: lights, mirror, GPS/phone mount (yes, I still need that sometimes), and most recently a rear wheel rack for my backpack. That was a little cumbersome to carry around on my back while riding my bike. 

Feeling the Goodness of Santa Fe

Now, I feel more a part of it all. I feel a greater sense of connection with others on the road, even those who are driving. For the most part, I have found drivers to be friendly and respectful of my safety when walking/biking. All this helps me to see the good in humanity on a daily basis.

About Reflexology

There are so many things we can do to improve the our lives. Walking/riding around Santa Fe and following that up with a reflexology session certainly qualifies.

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