Overcoming Fear with Reflexology

Overcoming Fear with Reflexology

Moving From Fear to Clarity

Many things can create tension in the body, and one is the feeling of fear. Emotions are interesting in that they seem connected to thought and external stimulus, yet they are something we feel in our bodies.

Working with fear is a skill worth developing, and the body can be a good teacher. First, just tune into your body enough to recognize when fear is activating. What does it feel like? Do you notice changes in your breathing? Can you sense areas of your musculature that are contracting? 

When we feel a tinge of fear at some point in the day, it is an invitation to pause a moment and feel what is happening in your body.This nonverbal awareness may lead to an understanding of what is causing the alarm. Staying current with your experience of reality through simply feeling those bodily sensations can help to ease fear and gain clarity. The body is constantly working to serve you in living life. Your feelings can be a helpful guidance system.

Santa Fe Reflexology

A session at Santa Fe Reflexology is opportunity to discover and practice noticing feelings/sensation that are your body's nonverbal communication system. If you are a person wanting to learn better habits for living life with ease (such as letting-go of fear), your session can provide support for gaining awareness and practicing new skills.

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