Overcoming Digestive Upset

Overcoming Digestive Upset

Help for Digestive Upset

There are many reasons for digestive upset, and various places to turn for help. Reflexology may be one. Some clients have had a lifelong experience of digestive difficulty. They have met with many professionals, and still are seeking an answer. Others may have a more recent challenge, triggered either by a known or yet unrecognized cause. It is always wise to consult your physician to rule-out a serious, treatable condition. Yet, you may have tried that and are still suffering, wondering what to do.

Digestion May be Affected by Your Thoughts & Emotions

Reflexology is excellent for getting a picture of tension patterns being held in the body. And awareness practices combined with reflexology may help to reveal what is behind those tension patterns; often repetitive thoughts and/or unacknowledged/unresolved emotions. The body responds to both of these in complex, unique ways.

Reflexology Can Mirror What is Happening in Your Body

Sessions at Santa Fe Reflexology can provide opportunity look closely at how your body is responding in the moment amid the many thoughts, emotions, and demands of life. Reflexology can also provide pause to address aspects of yourself that are in need of acknowledgment, support and change. Reflexology may help you to put the pieces together, gain insight and move forward into better overall health…and digestion.

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