Meditation & Reflexology

Meditation & Reflexology

Achy Body

My body feels a little achey right now, and I am taking notice because that is unusual for me. Do you have some health situation that comes and goes? Do you know what to make of it? Like the seasons and the sound of music, there is a rhythm to life. It can be a natural tendency to feel some alarm when we don't feel well. And yet, it is likely just a bump in the road our body is registering. What are we to do with it? Well, the best thing might simply be to take pause and connect.

Emotional & Physical Well Being

I rarely suffer physical pain in response to physical demands, but often have a physical response to some emotional experience. Very interesting how physical sensation can help me to more fully connect with emotional feelings. Health happens on all levels, and can be easily accessible with awareness of the body.

Body Wisdom

The body is effecient. If it is sending a message, it is likely one worth paying some attention. Sometimes the need is as simple as turning inward, taking pause so that life force may orient for internal reference or repair. Life can get mighty busy, and we require regular maintenance. The body regularly calls us back to ourselves so that we may fortify and carry on.

Regain Connection with Santa Fe Reflexology

Have you practiced meditation, or heard of its many health benefits? Meditation is about unplugging from the external world so that we can settle into a greater state of self awareness. This quieting and going inward is the invitation we naturally receive from the body. Yet the pace of life can limit our ability to both perceive and respond to this natural balancing system. Wellness care such as reflexology is very similar to meditation in that it creates that pathway inward to relaxation and healing. If you need help fortifying that access within yourself, you may find reflexology to be the perfect choice to get you there.



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