Living with Pain

Living with Pain

We All Experience Pain in Life

I am in this moment writing from a coffee shop. I have met a man on his way to Phoenix, and we were considering the gifts an experience of pain can leave with us.

This traveler feels the pain suffered in his life has shown him the way to a greater sense of gratitude, especially for that which can so easily be taken for granted. Pain can provide the perspective to discover a deeper gratitude for simple things such as moving as we please; pursuing activities we enjoy; sleeping soundly; and having the mental concentration to achieve our goals in life. 

Difficulty Can Prompt Growth

Yes, there is some benefit. Pain can broaden our perspective of our life and ourselves. The New Year is a time we can review our pursuits and life circumstances. A reflexology session @ Santa Fe Reflexology offers opportunity to uncover the pearls embedded within the discomfort you have suffered. 


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