Integrity & Your Health

Integrity & Your Health

What is Integrity?

One definition of integrity is this: the state of being whole and undivided.

We often think of integrity in relation to one's character. Do words and actions align, and convey a wholeness? Is there authenticity of the individual that conveys wholeness? I have recently wondered the health consequences of being out of integrity, being "divided". I do not fully know the answer, and I do not know that any scientific research has investigated this question.

What Does It Feel Like?

I know a lack of integrity feels uncomfortable to me. The experience can prompt upsetting emotions, physical tension and mental strain..whether it originates within oneself or another within ranage of influence. 

How Does It Affect Our Health?

A lack of integrity is often evident from several perspectives. Any of us is at times subject to the frustration of working with others who are not true to their word, or maybe we feel the conflict of that challenge within ourselves. The lifelong striving for authenticity can drive us to change jobs, relationships, and habits that we realize are not a fit.  And a physical imbalances might show up as aches and pains. So, how do we best support our well being when a lack of integrity creates discomforts such as these?

Santa Fe Reflexology

What I do know is that during a reflexology session, the body both reveals areas of division and can be prompted to engage in the process of reunification. In essence, that is what a reflexology session is all about: bringing enough relaxation to the body that wholeness, balance can re-establish. Reflexology offers the possibility of working through distortions evident in the body to fortify integrity of the system.

How does that feel? Typically relaxing and peacful, even if there is still a health problem remaining. And, it is possible that this simple transition toward more integrated wholeness can bring healing. Sometimes this will happen in an instant, and other times it is a process that can take time. Healing is a lot like an unfolding, a releasing, a re-harmonizing as we adapt to the progression of life, striving to have integrity, wholeness.


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