Integrative Wellness & Reflexology

Integrative Wellness & Reflexology

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medical doctors use a combination of mainstream medical practices and alternative healthcare to address patient needs. This is a "holistic" approach, considering mind, body, spirit...the entire being. The integration of genetics, history, lifestyle, personality and the many factors, converge upon us in each moment of life. When we do not know how to help ourselves, or are simply too overwhelmed to consider it, finding care with the right professional, who can uniquely guide and support us to regain health is so valuable. 

Urgent Healthcare Needs

When deterioration has been going on for a long time, finding our way back to wellness may be an urgent need. We are each a creation of diverse potential. As we get off track, our system will still strive to serve us in meeting our personal goals. When warnings of strain within the system go unheeded, problems can exacerbate. We may feel a sense of alarm or urgency, and yet it is helpful to remember that so many end up describing a healing crisis, even one that had no resolve, as a blessing.

Feeling "Off"

It seems to me that our bodies help us chart a course of authenticity in life. When we vere away from "ourselves", something's got to give. Early signs might be as mundane as mild digestive issues, occasional trouble sleeping, emotional upset that seems out of proportion to life's circumstances..and similar experiences of being "off." 

Reflexology: Re-Set for Better Health

If you have ventured way past these early warning signs, Reflexology can a wonderful support to more specialized medical assistance. Your personalized session at Santa Fe Reflexology is time to take a pause, sooth your feet, let your body unwind, and your mind relax. It can be like hitting the re-set button. Fresh starts come through fresh eyes. Reflexology can support you in refreshing and revitalizing. When life calls for change, how do you do that while being true to yourself? Sometimes it is a question we do not even see looming.

Maintaining Vitality

If you have found this site from a place of fairly vibrant health and currently have no need to be under the care of a doctor, I also invite you to schedule a session. The pace of life does not often include time for reflection or self care, yet each is so relevant to long term health. YOU still have opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. None of us, most likely, is destined to suffer ill health. On the contrary, making time to notice and support our well being is a reality.


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