How Many Reflexology Sessions Needed to Heal?

How Many Reflexology Sessions Needed to Heal?


Care Needs Are Unique to the Individual

This is not an easy question to answer with precision, but it is possible after your first session to predict frequency and duration of care needed to achieve your health goals. So..the next question might be..what benefit do I immediately receive with my first reflexology session at Santa Fe Reflexology?

Your First Reflexology Session

A session is typically very relaxing, and YOU in a relaxed state can feel very different than otherwise. So whether you are feeling tension or pain, you are likely to feel greater ease during your very first reflexology session. 

Follow-up Care

Additional sessions are often needed to truly make a change for the better if you have a long-term issue that has become lodged in your being. It is natural for old patterns to reactivate as they were as you re-encounter life’s circumstances. Follow-up care is about fortifying the new way of being until it becomes the norm.


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