Healthy New Year Santa Fe!

Healthy New Year Santa Fe!

Feel Well in the New Year

This is the first year that I am peacfully observing the approach of the New Year. Previously, I have felt challenged to comprehend how quickly time moves us along. I have often felt the pressure of "too much" during the end-of-year holiday season. The pace of life can seem to quicken as the New Year approaches, but I do not think that is the reality of it. 

I have reached a point of enough balance in life that the "holiday season" is similar to the rest of the year. Each month, I get out into nature regularly for rejuvenation. Each day, I sleep as needed to integrate my life experiences. It is a priority for me to regularly be in touch with family and friends. Throughout the year here in Santa Fe, I can frequent the farmer's market or Co-op grocer for fresh and healthy food. I do not have or aspire to acquire many material possessions, including "gifts". 

And yet, this time of year does resemble a turning point. As the New Year approaches, I find myself appraising what has been and what will be. I recognize that I have finally let go enough in life that I feel a sense of spaciousness and freedom. I am once again pondering new possibilities, and looking forward to the New Year for that reason. As with all of nature, there are seasons to each of our lives.

Reflexology as Wellness Support in Santa Fe

I observe that all of creation is in motion. Where are you in life? Are you traveling lightly, able to see the possibilities for healing and growth around you? There are many things we can do to be flexible and resilient as we carry on in life, and reflexology is one support available to you in Santa Fe. Healing sessions at Santa Fe Reflexology are all about regaining and maintaining the flexibility in your being to recognize the possibilities awaiting you to enjoy each day.

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