Healing from Accidents with Reflexology

Healing from Accidents with Reflexology

Accidents That Cause Us Pain

What appears to be an accident in life is often opportunity for a worthwhile discovery. When we have an accident that causes physical harm, we may be prompted to seek healing that was needed before the accident ever even happened.

Santa Fe Reflexology

Your entire being works as a whole. If there are areas of resistance, the flexibility needed to withstand physical injury and emotional insult may not be fully available. Santa Fe Reflexology can provide healing support to areas of your body/being that reveal an inflexibility. 

Regaining Safety Amid Trauma

When we experience trauma, be it in a moment or over time, the body/being can get caught in the fight/flight response. This is a condition which orients life force to the outside world rather than focusing resources to heal within. Reflexology can help the system to orient toward personal healing by soothing the nervous system and creating a sense of safety again.

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