Going With the Flow Can Relieve Stress

Going With the Flow Can Relieve Stress

Intention, Direction & Going With the Flow

While we all can respect a meaningful sense of intention and direction, it can also be important to learn to go with the flow. And to do so, it is helpful to notice how our bodies reveal we are caught in some sort of struggle. Your body may have settled into an unconscious pattern that reveals a chronic struggle. Like a bad habit, this can change.

Healthy Self-Regulation

When we notice sensation/contraction moment-to-moment, we are less likely to get caught in a resistant pattern. Just being attuned to the body enough to notice such things helps with self-regulation.

Santa Fe Reflexology

For those chronic patterns, you may need help. Your reflexology session is opportunity to recognize what has been under the radar. By bringing your attention to an area of constriction during your session, your nervous system has opportunity to  bring back the flow. And in so doing, the flexibility within your system to go with the flow of life in general can return.


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