Going With the Flow

Going With the Flow

Life in Santa Fe

Here in Santa Fe, we have been experiencing a drought. I know a lot of vegetation is showing the strain, yet we nonetheless can see some green in nearly any direction we look. It is really pretty amazing to me. But as long as needs can be met, a living system can thrive. And those needs needn't even be met perfectly to thrive. Living systems that can go with the flow of current circumstances will continue to grow.

We too experience ebbs and flows of all sorts. Knowing our own needs, and finding ways to meet them is a key to health. Are your relationships feeling good? Is your diet energizing you? Are your thoughts moving you toward what you really want? What passtime feels best when you need a break from responsibility? When you awake in the morning, what do you feel?

Regaining Health

Your body can help you discern what you truly need to be your best. The more precisely you can know how you respond in life, the better you can make the next choice that presents itself. Do I want to repeat that thought? Do I want to do that again? What do I need? Asking questions rather than trying to figure things out can help your mind open to discovering what you do not yet know.

Since the body never lies, it is a reliable source of information. It is direct and clear, giving and receiving information all the time. To be in the flow of life, to thirve... listen to your body. Santa Fe Reflexology is all about listening to the body. A session is about entering that realm of revelation the body has to offer. Your reflexology session can provide a template for connecting with the wisdom of your body in daily life. And, it's always easier to stay current than to play catch-up.

If you are feeling stressed, it may serve you as an invitation to go with the flow instead. This can be healing.


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