Flexibility in Body & Life

Flexibility in Body & Life

Is Decreased Flexibility a Sign of Aging?

Just recently, I've noticed I am not as naturally limber and flexible in my body as I used to be. I am wondering if it is what happens to us all as we age, and why many can become constricted in life in the later years. I do not just mean physically limited. We are connected within our being and within the web of creation. What is this limitation I am encountering?

Overcoming Limitations

In my reflexology practice, clients often arrive due to some limitation they want to overcome. To overcome, we must first explore. What seems like a problem is often an invitation we do not yet recognize as valuable.

Gaining Health & Happiness

So taking that into account, I can say that I am aware that stretching more frequently helps me to maintain a supple flexibility...and so much more! In choosing to do stretches, I am gaining connection to the wisdom of my body, more deeply listening and responding. The other thing I notice is that slowing my pace to include some stretching helps me to maintain a more spacious experience of the day rather than get caught in the hurry vibe of the world. I think that is a form of flexibility that I really need to be happiest.

So, what limitations do you notice? How can you connect there, and receive the larger benefit? Your personalized session at Santa Fe Reflexology may help you to discover just that!

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