Finding Relaxation in Santa Fe at Santa Fe Reflexology

Finding Relaxation in Santa Fe at Santa Fe Reflexology


Reflexology's primary benefit is relaxation. It is so valuable to have some moments in each day to reach a state of relaxation. It can feel like there is no time, or possibly not even the ability. And yet, relaxation is the state of healing. That is one reason reflexology can provide some support for nearly any condition that you seek to heal. Reflexology is very rarely contra-indicated no matter what your condition.

True Relaxation

What is relaxation to you? Does your mind quiet? Does your body grow heavy? Does your breathing deepen? Do you feel like you have reached an altered state? You are likely to reach a point of answering each of these questions with a "yes" during your personalized session at Santa Fe Reflexology.

Quiet Mind

The connection between mind and body is evident. As we think various thoughts, we can feel  adjustments throughout the body. Feelings themselves are a bodily sensation that have a relationship with thought. Your reflexology session is a pause that can provide opportunity to explore this connection. As you direct your attention to notice the flow between mind and body, each can reach a state of greater calm.

Growing Heavy with Relaxation

It's like the idea of "dead weight" being heavier than animated weight. Laying on the treatment table, simply noticing the areas of your body that feel heavier/lighter opens the doorway for more relaxation. By the end of your session, there can be a feeling of heaviness that mirrors the greater degree of relaxation you have achieved. Fortunately, this typically transforms to a feeling of rejuvenation by the time you walk out the door.

Breathing Deeply

Deeply? What is deep breathing? It is more than a breath being felt in your belly. Deep breathing is about bringing your awareness along with the breath, into the depths of your tissues. During an hour-long reflexology session, you can reach a great depth within yourself. Deep breathing is a capacity you can practice during your session that empowers the work of reflexology to facilitate healing, Deep breathing is also something you can use again and again on your own. I have a high respect and appreciation for the power each of us can develop to use the breath to facilitate relaxation and healing, so I often coach clients to grow this capacity during a session.

State of Healing

Many clients remark that they have experienced some sort of altered state during their reflexology session. I think that is simply what it feels like when we are deeply relaxed. There is so much stimulation in the world that can pull us out of relaxation, so that it feels unusual to regain it as an aspect of our conscious awareness. Consciously cultivating relaxation can influences our overall state of awareness. There is a lot of press on the benefits of meditation, yet it can be a difficult practice to sustain on our own. When that is the case, reflexology can be a source of support for practicing that deep state of relaxation, awareness and healing. 

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