Does it Hurt to Receive Reflexology

Does it Hurt to Receive Reflexology

Have You Experienced Painful Reflexology?

I have had clients arrive expecting their reflexology session to be painful. Oftentimes, they have elsewhere received an intense reflexology that hurt in the moment, but left them feeling great afterwards. Your care here at Santa Fe Reflexology will likely leave you in a state of relaxed rejuvenation without having first experienced an intensity of discomfort to get there. 

I know reflexology as a means of finding places in the body that have been blocked, stuck or “offline”. Reflexology techniques can calm your nervous system and invite beneficial shifts. This way of working does not hurt. IF there is an intense sensation, it is a “hurts so good”, like giving a good scratch to an itch.

Calm is the Healing State

When intense pressure to the foot is desirable, care is exercised so that the nervous system remains calm in the face of that intensity. If a treatment prompts a contractive reaction, I feel it is not beneficial. So no, it does not necessarily hurt to receive reflexology.


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