Discounted Rates @ Santa Fe Reflexology

Discounted Rates @ Santa Fe Reflexology

Why Discount Rates at Santa Fe Reflexology?

Whatever form support one is receiving, healing can require a commitment of time and money. Because of this, Santa Fe Reflexology offers Discounted Care Packages for those who will benefit. If you are seeking to overcome a chronic or acute health challenge, you may find this option is a fit for you.

Choosing to Feel Better

Purchasing a Discounted Care Package acknowledges your firm commitment to healing. Packages are to be prepaid by cash or check. Also, packages are for care that will be received once or twice weekly. This degree of commitment is a good first step in focusing your intention to heal. During the sessions you receive, you can deepen this commitment to yourself. The reflexology work itself is reflective for the system, and can prompt shifts amid a relaxed nervous system. Further, your own conscious participation in each session can be worthwhile. 

Personal Growth Equals Healing

You are likely to experience many shifts within each session as you lie on the table to receive reflexology. Tracking these sensations, thoughts and feelings with your focused attention as they arise can be very beneficial. Essentially, you are learning to connect with the wisdom of your body. This is the type of "growth" is something we can nurture as long as we are alive. Masterful mind/body fluency can keep you in the "safe zone" going forward. It is rare to get far from center when you are paying attention. This practice of participating by simply noticing during your reflexology session can help you to heal now, and help you to stay centered in health going forward.

And as healing can take time for each of us, so can true change. Usually, a problem is a call for change. Santa Fe Reflexology Care Packagesis offer a more affordable option for giving yourself the space, safety and comfort to grow and heal. 



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