Committing to Regularly Scheduled Wellness Care

Committing to Regularly Scheduled Wellness Care

Recently, I have commited to regular care to resolve a lifelong issue with my digestive system. Through the years I have connected with many sources of expertise, yet finding no real assistance. My best aids have been meditation, breathwork and reflexology that I do for myself. Yet periodically foods or life throw me into a rough period with my digestion. And while it serves as motivation to look deeper and find a better way in life, I have always called it my "weak link". I prefer to rely upon a subtle awareness of myself to navigate life rather than suffer bouts of discomfort with my digestion.

Most of us have something that is first to let us know we are needing to get back on track in life. How does your body send this message to you? How to you personally maintain when your own personal barometer lets you know change is needed for you to feel your best? Have you, too, sought outside help to no avail?

I am realizing it takes a lot of courage to stay open to having faith that help may one day arrive. It also takes a solid commitment to oneself to stay the course of care once help is available. Isn't it even interesting that we need help? Well we sometimes just do. We can get stuck, and stay that way for years until something in life and ourselves finally says, it's time for change!

Healing issues in particular are often founded in something about ourselves that is a bit much to face alone. Finding a practitioner that feels safe and trustworthy is essential. And, it is such a subjective experience. The modality, the two (or more) people that need to work together in harmony, and personal timing/receptivity to letting change truly happen are all factors in the equation that lead to resolving a core challenge. We may face such opportunities throughout life, overcoming each bringing us to a more peacful/vibrant existance...if we are willing.

If you feel Santa Fe Reflexology may be a fit for your needs right now, scheduling an appointment or a complimentary consultation are possibilities for moving forward.

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