Can Reflexology Help Teeth Grinding?

Can Reflexology Help Teeth Grinding?

Help for Teeth Grinding

As a reflexologist, I do not diagnose or treat for a specific condition. Yet…do you have a problem with grinding your teeth?

I am aware that dentists can provide solutions to help with this. I also believe reflexology may help you, especially in conjunction with dental care. For the following reasons, reflexology may be a worthwhile pursuit if you have a problem with teeth grinding.

Santa Fe Reflexology

Grinding is likely a symptom of stress. Reflexology technique is intended to calm the nervous system which can help to relieve stress.

Grinding also can create the congestion/discomfort that comes with an area holding tension. A reflexology session often reveals areas of the feet/body caught in a tension pattern, and can provide an avenue for addressing that tension.

And lastly, what prompts all that built-up energy? The body awareness potential of your session with Santa Fe Reflexology may help you to recognize important aspects of this stress pattern, and simply arriving at that realization can have an effect on the pattern. 

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