Body Aches of Emotional Origin

Body Aches of Emotional Origin

Reflexology Clients

I am often asked, "who is the perfect client for the work you do?" I have typically responded it is someone wanting to transition in life, as reflexology is great for getting us generally un-stuck. Most recently though, I've been able to assist a number of new clients move past body aches that are hinged upon emotional energy the body is working to manage. Respecting our emotional intelligence definitely equates with ease amid life transitions.

Emotional & Physical Pain

We have all experienced pain, and we often try to get away from it. The body creates holding patterns to help us. When suffering a physical injury, a holding pattern can help to protect a painful injury. When we feel emotional pain, the body may similarly come to the rescue in the moment. Think about the constriction you feel when holding-back tears. That is a pattern.

Reflexology Session

Your reflexology session is about bringing more awareness to these patterns within the body. Awareness invites these patterns to unwind. Awareness can also create choice, at the conscious and unconscious level. 


I greatly enjoy helping clients who are ready to grow emotionally, and feel better physically. At Santa Fe Reflexology, we begin your session after arriving at a clear understanding of why you are here, how you want your experience of life to change through the act of receiving a session. Orienting toward a particular outcome at the beginning helps us to make best use of our time together. Likely you will leave your session feeling an overall sense of relief, peace and aliveness. And, you will have picked-up some tools for growing this within yourself on a daily basis.







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