Being Empowered by Mind & Body Awareness

Being Empowered by Mind & Body Awareness

Informed Healing

Your body is like an information highway, and using your mind to tap into this can help you to heal yourself.

Overcoming Pain

Years ago, I had lots of physical pain. I remember just wanting it to end. I went to various professionals to help me feel better. What most helped me were the teachers I encountered. I learned how to use body awareness to aid in my own healing, and you can too!

Santa Fe Reflexology

At Santa Fe Reflexology, I teach mind/body awareness skills during a reflexology session to clients who are interested in learning. Reflexology is a way I can observe your system, and guide you to do the same. We can work together to engage in  "conversation" with the body through noticing and responding to particular cues displayed during your reflexology session…very interesting and empowering!

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