The Balance of Health

The Balance of Health


Balance in Life

The work/life balance is a common topic of interest for many of us. We instinctively know it is important for us to get this right or possibly suffer discontent. I feel confident in saying that BALANCE is an aspect of our overall health.

Making Adjustments for Better Health

Experiencing equilibrium in our daily life IS a balancing act. It is an ongoing process of noticing and adjusting because there are so many factors coming at us continually. Important factors to consider are our diet, sleep, activity, and so many more. We recognize it when we achieve equilibrium, it feels good. It is our natural desire. What I really like about the need for balance is that it fundamentally motivates creativity, the spice of life. 

Santa Fe Reflexology

Your feet can reveal the degree of overall balance you are experiencing, and what aspects of you are struggling with it. Your reflexology session can help your system to notice this, too.  So while reflexology is a relaxing thing to do, it can also serve as a true support to your overall health.


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