Backache with Computer Work

Backache with Computer Work

Getting Sore?

If you find yourself getting sore when sitting at the computer too long, try something different. I'm not saying to stop working at the computer, but inviting you to do it differently so that you can have a better experience of it.

What Do You Need?

Your body does not wait until the point of misery to ask for some shift. When you first feel prodded by any degree of discomfort, notice… Are you breathing? Is there a part of your body that wants to shift position? Does a glass of water sound good about now? It's about the basics. Discomfort is your body's way of getting your needed attention.

Feeling Better!

As you get into the habit of responding to your body's messages rather than ignoring them, you might find that you become more alert, creative, and joyful. You are certainly likely to be more comfortable!

Santa Fe Reflexology, llc

If you have reached a point of relative misery, coming in for a reflexology session can help to get you back on track with feeling better. And the experience of feeling your body unwind in a reflexology session is good practice for noticing how to maintain greater comfort during your work day.

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