Aging Well in Santa Fe

Aging Well in Santa Fe

AGE defined, quoting from Somatics by Thomas Hanna:

"Thus, in plumbing the meaning of the simple but curious word, "age," we come upon a fundamental ambiguity: "To age" means eiher to grow, increase and become both taller and deper or to decrease, decay, wear out, and become decrepit and discarded.

It is most provocative that a word as basic to human life as "aging" can mean either of two opposite possibilities: growth or degeneration. It suggest that what is characteristic to the period of existence of a human's lifetime is neither programmed nor predictable. It implies that the direction of human life is not fixed but open. 

This fundamental ambiguity reflects an abiding human insight into the ambiguity of aging: A human life can unfold in the direction of gowth and increasing strength, or it can just as well unfold in the direction of decay and steady degeneration."

Santa Fe Reflexology

This passage resounds my own observation and experience. And, turning into messages from our bodies provides great assistance in aging as we desire. Reflexology can help you to do this.

Most of us want to feel well, be vital!  A step in the right direction is simply to acknowledge what is calling for our attention. That alone can create meaningful shifts in our well-being.

The body can be a holding place for information. As the information is received, that job of holding can let go. this holding and letting go we can be felt as tension and relaxation within the body. Over time, tension can create discomfort and degeneration. Your reflexology session is opportunity to actively engage in this transformative process and age well.




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