Activating Optimal Health

Activating Optimal Health


Today is hot. So just now, I prepared myself a refreshing cold water flavored with lime, honey and salt. Yum. This is not the norm for me. Most of the year I prefer hot tea or even plain hot water. But I can feel the need for cooling today.


Every day in life, we are prompted to respond to all sorts of changing circumstances. We humans are adaptable! And we are informed of needs through a continual stream of internal and external ques. Most of us are well trained to notice external demands of schedules, deadlines, appointments and tasks. Sometimes even prioritizing these over the internal ques for a slower pace, a rest, some change in routine,  quiet contemplation..or a cool glass of lime/honey/salt water! To maintain health, it is important to stay tuned to those internal ques.  

Santa Fe Reflexology

So a reflexology session is that practice of following internal sensation! Before we begin your session, we talk to tune into what is going on with your body that is bringing some discomfort and asking for more flexibility. Then as I provide reflexology, you can feel various sensations as your body responds. I too notice how your body engages and follow that lead. By the end of your session, with both of us having focused on the wisdom of your body, you will likely notice you feel much better already. And, your reflexology session may continue to integrate over the coming hours/days afterward. This is especially true if you continue to notice those inner ques. They are there to guide you to optimal health.

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