2016/2017 Holiday Gift Giving in Santa Fe

2016/2017 Holiday Gift Giving in Santa Fe

Gift Certificates for the Holidays

Want to give a welcome experience..Who wouldn’t like to have their feet worked for a full hour? Santa Fe Reflexology offers gift certificates!

Gifting a Personalized Reflexology Session

Who do you know who is either on their feet or in a chair a good part of each weekday? Either circumstance can cause feet/body aches and tension. A reflexology session can be so soothing to the feet and the body. The reflexology techniques can bring fourth flow and range of motion that have been compromised through demands and limitations placed on the feet and body. That can result in feeling better, and can even improve overall health!

Santa Fe Reflexology Gift Certificates

Santa Fe Reflexology Gift Certificates come in a silver envelope..perfect for the Winter holiday. The fee for a 1-hour reflexology is $80. You may schedule to come in person to obtain the certificate, or we may handle the transaction by mail. Please phone by December 20th to arrange for any certificate/s you are interested in purchasing: 505/414-8140.

Happy Holidays!


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